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The Beijing Rendezvous, located in Napier Place (Peterborough), is a Chinese buffet restaurant that offers a large variety of quality dishes at an affordable price. The restaurant also provides a takeaway service for those that prefer to eat at home or on the go. With spacious takeaway boxes priced at £4.90, there’s every reason to visit the Beijing Rendezvous Chinese restaurant for a quick, easy and delicious alternative to cooking. The Beijing Rendezvous’ Chinese takeaway system is growing in popularity but can accompany any party size, so however many boxes you need is the amount you can expect to receive! Alongside the takeaway boxes, the Beijing Rendezvous are able to offer extra sides and sauces to accompany your delicious Chinese takeaway; these include bags of chips, prawn crackers, satay sauce and sweet and sour sauce. Prices on these extras vary but your takeaway would remain affordable and delicious.

chinese takeaway
Takeaway box
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Our new Chinese takeaway system allows you to pick and mix all your favourite Chinese food items. You can have as many or as few of any particular item you like! Fancy just one chicken ball? or Just a piece of sesame prawn on toast? Well you can as you are your creator of your own unique takeaway!

No need to order a whole portion of a particular item when you only fancy a small quantity. Unlike other Chinese takeaways who would never sell you only one chicken ball if you ask!

No need to wait for your food to cook as all the food is laid out. the only waiting times is for you to make up your mind on how to build your own unique delicious mouth watering takeaway! All this for £4.90 per takeaway box.


We also offer a selection of desserts that are also available for takeaway, such as chocolate brownies, custard slices, jelly and much more! So if you have enough room after a delicious Chinese takeaway, try one of our delicious desserts. Experience a Chinese takeaway above and beyond anything like its kind in Peterborough; get your takeaway at the Beijing Rendezvous in Orton Wistow Napier Place, Peterborough.